Sunday, May 01, 2016


I am grateful for the little things and the big things.
This week I saw a small car pull out from a fishing dock. Six fishing poles were stuck out the rear window. It was a sight that brought a smile to my face.
I took fresh pineapple, ice, and coconut rum and blitzed them together in the blender. It was light, refreshing and delicious. Sort of a pina colada... healthy version?
I played tennis with a fun group on Sunday. The craziness ensued and it was all I could do to not laugh. One person plowed into another and knocked her over like a bowling pin. Once we found out she was okay, we helped dust her off. Her attacker made a comment later in the game, that he hit a wall and was tired all of a sudden. I asked if he always called his partner "the wall"? We had a good laugh about it.
My good friend had a birthday celebration (one of many) and we had a good time.
Jon and I spent an afternoon walking around in a museum. We haven't done that in years.
We went to dinner with friends who just returned from a trip to the midwest. It was fun to hear their memories.
Ashley presented her findings for her Master's Degree at Boston University. She rehearsed continuously with her sister and reports say she did a fantastic job! I am blessed that both of my daughters took their schooling seriously and worked hard and thoughtfully towards their academic goals.
P, M, and I back in the 70's
My sisters M&P had a birthday this week. Happy 41st, Little Sisters!
It's May Day! May 1, 2016. This means warmer weather is on it's way.

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