Monday, May 16, 2016

DIY Farmhouse Type Sign - BAKERY

Farmhouse-type signs are all the rage. They're the old time kind of signs, like "EGGS for SALE", FARM, etc. Simple, old, weathered.
I wanted one for my kitchen, since that its the most used and loved area of our home. Ashley cooks in it, Allie bakes in it and Jon sits at the counter while I cook.
I thought about different words and decided on BAKERY, but I wanted something more to make it personal. So, I added the name of my father's restaurant, the place where I learned to bake.
I wanted it to be weathered and worn, looking like an antique sign.
I found two pieces of wood from a bookcase that I took apart a few months ago. I sketched the letters in pencil and then drew over it in permanent marker.
First, I brushed a thin coat of gesso on the boards to prime them. 
 When the gesso dried, I added a blue-green paint to the background. I wanted the letters to pop. I painted the letters white.
 Then outlined them with a dark brown color. I touched up the white where it needed and did the same with the background and liner. Again, I let it dry.
 I thought it looked too pristine, so I sanded the entire piece and then went over it with shoe polish. I buffed it out. This took a long time. Then, I added two shims in the back to hold it together, and added a picture hanger.
 And it's done. I can't wait to hang in the kitchen.

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