Monday, May 02, 2016

Food Trends I'm Currently Loving

Food Trends come and go. Like fashion, various foods see a surge in popularity, despite being around for a long time. Who hasn't heard of arugula?
I tend to dig in my heels and balk at "trends" but eventually, give them a try. Most, I dismiss as fads, but some I adore. Currently, I'm indulging in a few:

Infused Waters: I did a blog post last week and have been drinking infused water after having it at a friend's house. I love the addition of subtle flavor and no sugars (aside from sugars in the fruit). I drink more water now than I ever did.

Siracha - the famous red sauce that's delicious as a hot sauce for meats, fish, breads, and veggies. It adds an extra kick to food and cuts through any "fatty" taste.
Photo from Simply Recipes posted by Elise Bauer July 1, 2012
Grilled Romaine Lettuce -   The grilling chars the lettuce and almost sweetens the leaves. It also changes the texture and the grilled leaves soak up any vinaigrette deliciously. Here's a NYT recipes as well.

Spirializer and Veggie Noodles - Make your vegetables into noodles. I'm slow to this trend, my friend Bonnie has been doing it for years. I love the way you can spiral cut zucchini and carrots, top with a vinaigrette, and serve a delicious and unusual salad. Here are even more recipes.
Photo from A Million Miles
Smoothie Bowls, like the one pictured above, from A Million Miles Blog, are a delicious meal full of healthy ingredients. I think it's like an amped up yogurt with toppings. Bon Appetite has a few recipes. Basically, you made an extra thick smoothie (pureed fruit and veggies) and top it with nuts, fruits, and cereal.

What are some trends you fancy?

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Bonnie B. says said...

I've decided that I'm not jumping on any more food fads. I want to eat closer to the way I ate when I was growing up. That said, I was thinking about micro-greens this morning while I was driving to Concord. I learned about them from the Food Network and found them at Spring Ledge Farm. I wrote a blog post about them several years ago and think I'll go back and read it in addition to procuring some this week.
I like the idea of infusing water and will pick up some Rosemary this week to give it a try with orange slices.