Friday, May 06, 2016

Scarf Pins

Years ago, when hats were in fashion, women would wear hats and secure them to their hair with hat pins. The pin was sharp and would poke through the hat and into the hair, which was usually styled into a bun, braid, plait, or fold. This kept the hat in place and allowed them to wear it any almost any angle on their heads.
The same can be done with scarves. My sister wraps scarves around her head in beautiful ways and secures them with a pin in a similar fashion. Since the pin can show- barely, I thought it was a good idea to make the pin beautiful. Here are some pins I made for her to further embellish her style.
 I used pretty beads made of stone, glass, and resin, along with various corsage and glass headed pins.  You can find these at sewing stores or in the wedding section of craft stores. The corsage pins are longer than standard sewing pins. I found some with a crystal on the end, which is pretty all by itself.
It was very easy to assemble, just play with the beads to see which way you want them. After finding a pleasing setting, I added a dab of glue to hold the beads in place on the pin. 
 And came up with a few sets of scarf pins. I wanted to make her a bunch to match all her scarves.
And here are some of the pins I made to match the scarves I dyed for her.

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