Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Milkshake Kind of Day

June 21 marks my late grandmother's birthday. It was a day that she was most proud of, stating that it was the "longest day of the year". The reason for the length of the day, was the summer solstice and the sun shone for the most amount of time in a 24 hour period. However, I think she somehow attributed this to day of her birth.
Her birthday marked the official beginning of summer. For the northeast that meant that flowers would bloom for the next few months, kids were out of school, the days took a slower pace, and the breeze blew warm. These were things that she loved. Even though she was with us year round, I always associated her with summer. When the temperature soared, she'd have a black and white milkshake or if we went to a ice cream shop, a butter pecan ice cream soda. On days when the heat was excruciating, she'd ask for an ice cold black beer.
So, every June 21, I like to have a milkshake in her honor or even an ice cream soda. I just pray it doesn't get hot enough for me to want a black beer!

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