Saturday, June 18, 2016

And Life Goes On...

I've been absent from my blog this week. I'm at a busy point in life where things are coming at me that require my attention and that leaves little time for blogging. All is good, but hectic.
I remember in high school that the more I did, the more I achieved. This caused me to take on more and more.... leaving little free time. This was good then - teenagers shouldn't have free time!
I'm no teenager, but still feel that being busy is good. Who knows, maybe it convinces me that I'm young?

I've been working on a number of large tasks:writing and rewriting Death on the Island,  creating on outline for a new class that I'm teaching, learning how to edit and record video, learning to be poised, or as much as I can be poised, coming to accept how I sound/look on camera, trying to eat healthy, keeping my house tidy and not cluttered, accepting my work and yet still striving to make it the best it can be, studying birds for an ongoing series of paintings, tending to my relationships, supporting friends, learning to be patient.
Is there enough time in the week?
Thank goodness that I can communicate with my family via email, text, Facebook and instagram. I love seeing my nieces, nephews, sisters, sis-in-law, brother-in-laws and see what they're all up to.

I hate turning on the news and yet, I have to stay informed and deal with reality. It breaks my heart to see what people do to other people. It confounds and confuses me to hear everyone's opinions, justifications, "baggage". Perhaps we're trying to come to terms with tragedies? Perhaps we're trying to assign blame in an attempt to feel comfort and this-won't-happen-to-me if X explanation is true?

I have a friend , Missi, who used the tragedies of last week as a springboard for living a better life. She makes a point to find something positive where she can and bring that light to others. She was always a "happy" person, but now she upped her game and shares compliments with people she encounters. "Nice shoes!" "Wow, I love that color on you!" "Oh, you're skin is glowing today!" I noticed that the people she directs her comments towards always smile. She acknowledges them, she says something friendly and happy. This made me smile!

I overheard some women complaining that Missi was "fake" and "condescending".
Their comments were catty and made me angry. I looked over, hoping she didn't hear their cruel words.
She did.
Instead of being humiliated or hurt, she smiled and said, "you may think that, but I want to share positive thoughts and good things when I can. That makes me happy."
The women apologized.
I learned a lot from Missi. She was gracious, secure, and unwavering. She believed in herself practiced a thoughtful and kind way of life.
 I would have told them to take a flying leap! I guess I have more work to do. I can add "taking a lesson from Missi" to my tasks.

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