Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cheerwine... Not a Wine at All

Cheerwine TM is a cherry soda, made in North Carolina, created and sold by a company Carolina Beverage Corporation since 1917.
Being a Yankee, I hadn't heard of Cheerwine, also known as the "Nectar of the North Carolina". So, what makes it different than regular sodas?
1. The color. It's a beautiful deep red. Some call it burgundy and that's one reason it's named "wine".
2. It's more fizzy than regular soda.
3. It's just starting to be distributed to all 50 states, so by 2017, it most probably will be!
After hearing about it, I wanted to try it, so while we were in Florida, I told Jon about my latest quest. We checked a few places, but couldn't find any, so Jon ordered some for me online. A few days later our order arrived and we tried it. Fun and yummy! I love the color. I don't drink soda because it's too sweet, but it was a fun thing to try.
I did some research on Cheerwine and found that there are lots of recipes that use Cheerwine as an ingredient.
Alton Brown came up with a Cheerwine Sangria recipe.
Add some Gin and have a Cheerwine Cocktail.
Add some Bourbon and have a Bourbon Cocktail.

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