Thursday, June 02, 2016

Making a Book out of Seashells

 I made an adorable book using sea shells as the bookends and gelli-printed paper as the pages (signatures). I watched and re-watched this tutorial by Sea Lemon DIY and then went to work.
Each page was different, as I used acrylic paint to mono print each unique paper.
 By tracing the smallest seashell, I made a template for the pages. I placed the fold of the paper along the straight edge of the shell and cut out 24 papers in the shape of the shell.
 The most difficult part was drilling the holes in the shell for binding. But, taking it slowly, I managed to make 3 clean holes in each shell. Then, I used an awl and punched a hole in a template to make the holes necessary to bind the book.
I pieced the papers together into signatures (5 pages makes a signature) and then sewed the book using the coptic stitch technique.
I love the result! I will be making more books by hand again. I love the process and the end result.

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