Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Recipe: Pickle Infused Vodka

Pickle Infused Vodka? Are you kidding me?
Let me explain...
Allie and I have been drinking our Virgin Mary Cocktails (Bloody Mary without the alcohol) for years. This past May, she introduced me to a full octane Bloody Mary made with jalapeño vodka. She knew I didn't care for the taste with the alcohol, but suggested I try it for brunch on the day of Ashley's graduation ceremony. Being someone who hates crowds, I complied. The Jalapeño vodka had a great flavor. The spice imparted a kick that overpowered the vodka and yet worked alongside the alcohol. I was open to trying a full fledged Bloody Mary.
Fast forward to this past weekend. I saw a blurb online regarding pickle infused vodka made to use with Bloody Mary's. I had to try it. The recipe was easy enough to do: combine vodka with pickles and brine, then wait.
I used small whole dill pickles. I only infused it for 12 hours, but it definitely added a new layer to the Bloody Mary. We had a winner!
 And because Allie is very clever, she suggested we try to make a Virgin Mary and use just pickle juice, instead of the Pickle Infused Vodka. We wanted to see if it was the added pickle flavor that changed the drink for us.
We tried it. And it was tasty with pickle juice. But, hands down, the Infused Pickled Vodka gave a more concentrated flavor. So, pickle juice or pickle vodka - either way is a win-win.

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