Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The Notches of New Hampshire

Franconia Notch, NH
My second book, Death at the Notch is based in northern New Hampshire. People from out of state often ask me, "Notch? What is a notch?" Since I grew up in NH, the idea of a notch was common place. I grew up hearing about notches, mountains, and lakes. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, a notch is a mass of land carved between two mountains. Sometimes it's called a Gap or a Pass, as well.
Notches are a part of the landscape throughout the state and create boundaries for many townships.
New Hampshire has landforms known as "notches" were formed by glaciers over 10,000 years ago. The state used these sections of lands to put in roads. Think of it as a notch in the landscape.
The most familiar notches are Crawford, Franconia, Dixville and Pinkham Notches, but there are many in the state:
Bear Notch, Bartlett
Bunnell Notch, Kilkenny
Carlton Notch, Randolph
Carrigain Notch, between Lincoln and Livermore
Carter Notch, Bean's Purchase
Crawford Notch, Hart's Location
Dickey Notch, Thornton
Edmands Col Thompson and Meserve's Purchase
Franconia Notch, Franconia
Hancock Notch, Lincoln and Livermore
Hunters Pass, Randolph
Jefferson Notch, Thompson and Meserve's Purchase
Kancamagus Pass, between Lincoln and Conway
Kinsman Notch, Woodstock
Livermore Pass, Livermore
Lost Pass, Waterville Valley
Mad River Notch, between Lincoln and Livermore
Oliverian Notch, between Warren and Benton
Perkins Notch. Bean's Purchase
Pinkham Notch, Pinkham's Grant
Sandwich Notch, Sandwich
Thornton Gap, between Thornton and Waterville Valley
Trident Pass, Success
Willard Notch, Kilkenny
Zealand Notch, between Bethlehem and Lincoln
Zeta Pass, Bean's Purchase
Cleveland Notch, Columbia
Cranberry Bog Notch, Odell
Cree Notch Columbia
Dixville Notch Dixville township
Gadwah Notch, Columbia
Gore Notch, Stratford
Kelsey Notch, Dixville township
Moran Notch, Columbia
Stratford Notch, Stratford
Tabor Notch Pittsburg
Barn Door Gap, Strafford
Spofford Gap, between Sharon and Temple

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