Sunday, July 10, 2016


 There is so much for which to be grateful.
Jon, Ash, and I visited another Botanical Gardens. I'll post about it this Tuesday, so be sure to check back. It was stunning
 Ashley and Allie are training for Brazilian Jujitsu competitions in August. We have been doing a clean eating diet with low carbs, low-fat dairy and "no products with a label". The diet is an attempt to eliminate preservatives, unsaturated fats, unhealthy carbs, and to eat nutrient rich foods.
 We have been inundated with geckos! Allie found one in her room and I found this one, about 7 inches long, on the ceiling of our porch. They are quick creatures!
 I saw my first yellow hibiscus. Yellow? The bush was full of them and they were striking.
 One of my tennis teams got in their shirts. Can you believe how bright these are? I suspect that we will be hard to miss on the court.
 I am fascinated with high diving boards! It reminds me of a pool I where I learned to swim in Oceanside, NY.
 Allie and I had a grand time in her grandparent's pool on the 4th of July.
 Our daughters brought lots of food for our family dinner, which went very well.
 And the 4th ended with fun fireworks!
 Jon and visited yet another Botanical Gardens (my favorite) last week.
And went out to dinner with friends.

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