Sunday, July 17, 2016


This week has been filled with blessings.
 We were out having dinner with friends when this large group all joined together for a photo. An older man and woman saw us watching them and came over and spoke with us. They told us that his family gets together every July for a family reunion. There were over twenty people there! The family reunion coincides on their wedding anniversary, so the best present they ever received was a visit from the whole family. The family gathers from all parts of the country and they liked it so much that they continued with the reunion tradition every year.  It was inspiring to see all the people together, wearing matching shirts, and seeing all the generations of one family.
 This week after I finished working on my latest painting, I noticed the colors left on the palette. They were beautiful. I loved it and took a photo.
Summertime means wicked thunderstorms. The clouds are so thick and the sky becomes brilliant. It's a very grand sight.
Two of my friends and I went to an art show together. We met and visited with many artists and learned some of their histories. It was so intriguing.
I played some great tennis this week and I played some terrible tennis. It was great to be outside with friends.
I had a turmeric ginger latte that was delicious. I am looking to make a recipe for it.

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