Saturday, July 16, 2016

New Hampshire News

New Hampshire in the news:
A Bike Trail is in the works that will stretch between Maine and Florida and be off all highways. The completion date is in 2030. The project has been in the works since 1991 and the goal is to reach through 15 states. 800 miles of the 3,000 have already been completed!
Blue-green algae blooms have contributed to the decline of loons on lakes and ponds in New Hampshire. Testing will continue across 35 NH lakes this summer.
Philips Exeter Academy, the prestigious prep school in NH, is under investigation for improper handling of a sexual assault case. This comes on the heels of last summer's case at St.Pauls Academy in Concord, NH. This current case is rather interesting, because all parties admit guilt in their actions, yet, the police were never notified until the victim took her case - on her own to the Exeter police. After alerting school authorities (student population of 1,000) to the assault, one of the counselors at the school felt a "penance" for the attacker (and school athlete) would be to bake bread and deliver it to his victim weekly. Eventually, the girl felt awkward, and brought the case to the police.
An off season ski lift collapsed at Sunday River in Maine. There were no injuries and the lift is being investigated as the foundation cracked. Accidents are rare on ski lifts, but authorities are checking it out.
New Hampshire will keep its first in the nation primary. Every political season brings up challenges to the New Hampshire Primary.

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