Monday, July 25, 2016

Project: Polymer Clay Love Birds Wedding Cake Topper

I wanted to find a wedding cake topper for a 26th wedding anniversary cake. I couldn't find a set, so I decided I needed to make a pair. I started out in my sketchbook making sets of lovebirds.  The only thing I knew, was that I wanted them to be light blue, be a bride and groom, and be able to balance on their own.
I looked through my sketches and discarded some ideas for efficiency and ease of use. I eliminated the birds that appeared to be flying and the ones with legs.
I liked the top hat for the groom and the flower hat for the bride. Then, I got to work.
I found some colors of polymer clay, but didn't like the blue, so I combined turquoise and light blue to make the shade of blue that I like. The pink was also a little too deep, so I added some white polymer clay to that as well. I conditioned the clay and made the shapes. The process is hard work and leaves my hands very messy, so I didn't take any pictures. Sorry.
 I sculpted the birds and the large heart, baked them in the dedicated oven and let them cool to room temperature. Then, I added 3 coats of gloss and let them cure for 24 hours.
I love how them came out. They were a success.

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