Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sketching: Chocolate Bark Cakes or Drip Cakes

I'm working on making a German's Chocolate Cake for a birthday party this weekend and I wanted to do something different. In year's past, I've made the traditional looking cake in parts 1 and parts 2, with my added twist of chocolate frosting and cherries on top. I also did a larger one here. This year, I thought I'd make one with chocolate shards, chocolate bark, on top. In studying these cakes, I learned that they are not called Bark Cakes, but drip cakes for the ganache that is dripping from the top.
It's funny because when I look at these cakes, I notice the bark, not the drips.
I plan on making the bark with German Chocolate Flavors - chocolate, caramel, coconut
And I plan on incorporating frosting dollops on the cake as well, because, everyone loves chocolate frosting!
Here's another idea using the bark around the case, instead of on top. This way can use more of a traditional look - with the coconut topping on top of the cake and the bark around the perimeter.
Now, to decide which cake to make! Any opinions?

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