Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Black Forest Cake

I made a Black Forest Cake for Jon's parents' birthdays. Black Forest Cake is a classic with chocolate cake layers, Kirsch (cherry liqueur), whipped cream frosting, fresh cherries, and the ultimate garnish - chocolate shavings. The chocolate shavings not only add a visual element, but add texture and flavor. The cake is a series of contrasts. The cake is rich, chocolatey and sweet. The Kirsch adds a cherry flavor and a bit of a kick, while the whipped cream adds a creamy, airy element. The chocolate shavings cling to the frosting and the cherries add fruity sweetness.
 Jon's parents love chocolate cakes, so I thought the Black Forest would be great for their birthday celebration. 87 years old.
 I baked the three layers ahead of time. The picture looks like red cakes, but it was just the oven light. These are deep chocolate layers. I baked them, let them cool and froze them overnight.
The day that I was ready to serve the cake, I assembled the cake. I added layers of cake, Kirsch simple syrup, chopped cherries, and whipped cream frosting. When I was done, I added a crumb coat of frosting and set it in the fridge to set. I added another layer of whipped cream frosting, sprinkled the sides with chocolate shards, piped a border on top, and added the traditional cherries.
Just before I boxed it up, I sprinkled some chocolate on the top of the cake. It looked lovely. 
Here's the cake with a few slices removed.
And my piece!

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