Thursday, September 01, 2016

Adding Shadows to Artwork

I've been working on adding shadows to my artwork, in both drawings and paintings. Adding shadows and highlights has been a learning process for me and I continue to work on it. Once I realized the difference it makes it my sketches, I've tried to add them to all my drawings. The fun thing about shadows and highlights is that there isn't just a singular method to adding them.
 In my first sketch, I added the shadows and highlights according to where I thought they would be coming from the source of light. I blended the colors from the darkest to the lightest. I used green, blue, gray, pink and yellow.
 On this sketch, I used the exact same colored pencils, but didn't shadow them, I just used them all and created a solid color. The sketch looks "flat" in that you have to use a lot of imagination to see give the illustration depth.
The last sketch has shadows, and uses the exact same colors, but there is no blending. The colors are used in order or dark to light with the lightest colors being the parts where the light source is shining. I thought the first sketch would be my favorite, but I think I like the last one. It's unusual and fun to see the colors without the blending.
Here's a side-by-side of all three sketches to show the difference.

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