Sunday, September 25, 2016


This week has been filled with blessings.
I worked on some projects that were fulfilling and rewarding. I like to learn new techniques and use different mediums, so this week I continued to work with glass, fabric, beads, and paint.
I spent a few days organizing my space. It was exhausting, but the hard work pays off. I love the ability to find things when I need them, get to my supplies easily, and downsize.
I spoke with my daughters and loved hearing their voices and opinions, as always.
I tried a new sushi place with a friend and we were pleasantly surprised.
My tennis matches this week were challenging and fun. I had great partners, great opponents, and great weather. Can't ask for more!
I went out with friends who brought along an old friend of theirs. It was a fun night to meet Diane and spend time together.
I worked on my tennis with some better players this week at clinic. It was so humbling to play with such skilled players.
I made my first pot of Butternut Squash Bisque. Fall is in the air.
I'm looking at recipes for pumpkin (of course) and apples. Can't wait to take in the fall flavors.

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