Friday, September 02, 2016

Currently Working On...

I'm currently working on a boatload of artwork.
 I'm studying abstract art and trying my hand at some basic techniques.
 Abstract art is a mystery to me. Is it paint splotches? It is a spill?
I reckon it's something that appeals to you. This means I need to keep going and figure out what abstract art appeals to me. I'm not there yet.
I'm working on multiple canvases. These are just a few that I set on my kitchen floor and photographed. I'm trying to make interesting backgrounds, using gelliprinting techniques, stencils, drips and paint splotches.
And my favorite piece. I'm working on this manatee. The exciting part is that it's a large canvas 30x24 inches, which is so appropriate for a giant sea creature. I'm enjoying this process tremendously. Who knew that working on such a large scale would be so much fun!

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