Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Glass Fusing

I've taken up glass fusing and am hooked! Glass fusing is an interesting way of working with glass that is similar to stained glass, but without the metal framework.
Glass fusing has some properties that you have to learn, like how thick the glass can be so that it doesn't crack, what shapes it can take, how heavy it can be. It's a learning curve and I'm enjoying the process.
Glass is a beautiful medium to work with because the colors are so luscious! There are transparent glass, opaque glass, marbled glass, and clear glass. Then, there are glass shapes that you can make! The possibilities are endless.
One of the exciting challenges with glass fusing is the 3D element. You can make a flat plate (as seen above) or that can be the first step! The glass will actually melt (slump or drape) into shapes from a mold. Think about glass lamp shades, many of them are fused glass that was draped into that shape.

I find it easiest to think about the finished shape and then backtrack as to "how do I get there?".  The above piece is a flat plate, but after it is fused together, so that those lines will meld into the blue plate, the flat plate will be placed on a mold. The plate will then mold to the shape underneath and become a large wavy bowl. How exciting is that?

I am waiting for the shop to run the kiln and fire my piece. I can't wait to see the outcome. Stay tuned.

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