Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lionfish: Special of the Day

Lionfish, (Pterois) is a fish that is invasive to the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Atlantic. They come from Indo-China and the Red Sea and therefore, have no natural predators in areas where it invades.  They can live up to 3 months without food! They feed on small crustaceans and fish and 
The 15 spikes on the lion fish are painful and venomous. They are difficult to catch and ecologists fear they may cause the collapse of reefs or fisheries.
In response to this, fisherman have started catching lion fish for food.
Last night, I went to a seafood restaurant with some friends. We heard they were running a special on Lionfish, so we jumped at the chance to try it!
It was delicious. I had the Blackened Lionfish. It was light and clean tasting. Lionfish are high in Omega 3 and low in mercury. While the spines of the fish are venomous, the flesh is completely edible.The white fish was tender and took on the flavors of the spice. I would definitely try it again.

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