Saturday, September 03, 2016

One Drawing Three Ways

 I love combining physical sketches with digital wonders. I make a sketch and then scan it into my computer. From there, I can add different backgrounds, change the color, size, and even texture of my drawings. It's a great technique, especially if I have a drawing that I like, but would find difficult to repeat or alter without changing the original image on paper. By making it into a computer file, I can make hundreds, if nor infinite changes. I too the original bird fabric bird that I drew with ink and colored pencils and scanned it so that I could alter it in photoshop.
Here, I added a background and then diffused the colors of the original bird, so that they compliment the colors of the background.
Here, I took the original drawing and added a background of musical notes, indicative of birdsong.
Another variation, was to take the bird image, copy it and reverse it, then double it. I added a quick heart and a gorgeous background.

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