Sunday, October 09, 2016


"A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles." - Unknown

This week has been a rough one, and yet it was full of blessings. 
My niece, E, started her preschool a few weeks ago and already has a stunning school picture.
My niece, C, and nephew, T,  competed in a charity karate tournament and were victorious!
My nephews, Y and S are back to preschool and doing well.
My father got a boost of good news.
We were omitted from Hurricane Matthew's wrath, which has now been downgraded to a rain storm.
My daughters visited their grandmother during a difficult time for her and I am so grateful for their compassion and strength.
I saw dolphins playing in the waves. What does that feel like for them? What makes waves a fun place to be?
I was able to get back to some art work. I enjoy that process more and more each day.
Pumpkin Curry. Talk about a fall flavor. Oh, it was heaven on a plate. The roasted pumpkin combines so well with coconut, garlic, and chicken.

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