Friday, October 28, 2016

OREO Cupcake

I made some OREO cupcakes for a dinner party and tried to incorporate the flavors into the cake and frosting. An OREO cookie has the dark chocolate, thought not "cocoa" flavored cookie and the generic bakery vanilla frosting. The texture of the frosting is also important to the cookie, as it's almost gritty. 
To incorporate that into a cupcake form, I didn't want to just do a black and white cupcake. So, I made a chocolate cake made with a little less sugar than the recipe called for. I also added an extra teaspoon of salt to the batter. This didn't make the batter salty, but rather cut the sweetness and enhanced the cocoa flavor. 
Now, I worked on the frosting. Rather than make a white frosting, similar to the actual cookie frosting, I decided to make 2 frostings. I made a vanilla buttercream and folded in crushed Oreo cookies. This was a nice addition and also gave the frostings some texture, 
For the second frosting, I made a buttercream again, but instead of flavoring it with vanilla extract, I flavored it with homemade OREO infused Vodka (recipe coming tomorrow).
The infused vodka added a genuine OREO flavor and was worth the work.
I topped the cupcake with the Cookies and Cream frosting and then the OREO infused frosting. Then, I drizzled some chocolate syrup on top and sprinkled some crushed OREO crumbs. I stuck a OREO thin cookie into the side of the cupcake.
They looked cute and were a big hit. The two frostings worked well together and complemented the cake. It was also reminiscent of an actual OREO cookie.

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