Monday, October 24, 2016

Spider Crown

I love crowns. There is just something so regal and fairy tale like about a crown or tiara. Plus, with just a few accessories, a crown can become a costume. I put together this spider crown for a friend who has two sons. She has no daughters so all of her costumes have been boy-related and she would love a little princess. Instead, I made her a crown to wear to their Halloween parade, so that she didn't need a costume.
I found a large black spider that I new would be a fantastic focal point, so I added it to the center, then put smaller spiders (with purple bodies) to either side. 
I wrapped wire and large black beads around the base of the tiara and smaller black beads around the top of the crown. I filled in some spots with more black beads

And voila! A spider crown.

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