Wednesday, November 30, 2016

12 Doors of Christmas Greeting Cards

In 2013 I did an series of illustrations of decorated doors for Christmas. I've always loved the decorated entrance ways to people's homes, from the simple and rustic, to the ornate, to the colorful and tacky. I love the enthusiasm and effort people make to show their Christmas spirit. I hope you enjoy them as well. I had them made into greeting cards as well. 

12 Doors of Christmas, Door Number 12

The Twelfth and final door of Christmas is one that hits near to home. Freshly fallen snow blankets the door, window, walkway and urns. The ribbon and number 25 are a fresh take on a wreath and the colors are less a factor than in other entranceways. It's a fun way to end the series.
Eleventh Door of Christmas

Tenth Door of Christmas

Ninth Door of Christmas

The Eighth Door of Christmas

The Seventh Door of Christmas
The Sixth Door of Christmas
The Fifth Door of Christmas
The Fourth Door of Christmas
The Third Day of Christmas
The Second Door of Christmas
The First Door of Christmas

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