Sunday, November 20, 2016


This week has been full of blessings.
 My girls arrived yesterday for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was so great to see them in person. It's funny how life changes and we don't realize it until it's happened. I used to see them throughout the day, then on weekends when they were in college, and now that they are working, I don't see them enough. Now, I see how precious that time was and appreciate the present.
Jon and I surprised his parents by setting up a curb bridge just outside their driveway. There is a big drop to the road and it causes them to jolt and bump their heads. So, Jon found this bridge makes the transition much smoother.
I had three tough, amazing, and fun tennis matches this week. I had three different partners who made me laugh, smile, and just enjoy the matches. 
My "normal" Thursday partner was away visiting family, so my pre-match routine was changed. I texted her to tell her I missed her and sure enough, she texted back and we kept our pre-match routine, even hundreds of miles apart.
Thanksgiving is next week and the anticipation for Thanksgiving flavors is palatable: chestnut, sweet potato, cranberry, sage stuffing. Oh, my. Thanksgiving is most delicious.
Sunset was striking. I am in awe with each unique scene.

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