Friday, November 18, 2016

Fused Glass Tennis Ball Ornaments

I've been working on making fused glass ornaments in the shape and appearance of tennis balls.
 I sketched out some ideas - using colored glass, glass confetti, and frit. Then I went to the glass studio and got to work.
 Finding green glass was part of the challenge. Did I want opaque glass or transparent? Did I want to try my hand at swirly glass? Did I want to use clear glass and add some color with glass shards or glass pebbles?
I decided to try all of the above.
I came up with a dozen and then went back to work.  I learned a few things about cutting circles, drilling holes in glass, and mixing colors. I like the look of transparent glass, so when the ornaments are held up to light, they glow. I liked the abstract look of using glass chards to give it color and even frit to make it textured.

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