Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My First Medieval Fair

I've always wanted to go to a Renaissance Fair or a Medieval Fair. Our friends invited us to join them at one in Sarasota, Florida and we were happy to join them.
There's something about the frivolity of it, the idea that we can get a glimpse of medieval times with all the modern day comforts, and doing it all in the beautiful weather! It did not dissapoint.
 We saw life size chess. The players all acted out skits, had battles, and carried on with lots of cheers for King Richard! and the like. The crowd was enthusiastic and it was a sight to take in.
 I brought my own archer with me who did so well that the man of arrows called to him and read a decree from the kind about how great he was. Jon was amply embarrassed, but he did so well!
 We saw real life Hungarian Archers. They were talented, shot arrows in a revolving fashion and were cheerful and focused.
 Our good friends knew one and he generously posed for a photo. Do we look like groupies or what?
And the fair wasn't without unusual merchandise and fanciful costumes. I saw some gorgeous crowns that I loved, but thought twice about needing one at my home.

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