Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sea Creature Painted Pumpkins - Part 4

 The Sea Creature Painted Pumpkins were very fun to make. Each one took a while to do, as they were made in layers.
 The jellyfish pumpkin was one of my favorites. I love how the tentacles were flowing, as if it were swimming through the water.
First, I drew a sketch on paper. I wanted to plan the best way to fit the shape of the creature on the pumpkin.
I gessoed the pumpkin, then sanded it, and finally painted two coats of white on the pumpkin. I added a dark brown area for the stem.
 I sketched out the jellyfish with pencil right on the pumpkin.
 I filled in areas with the dark blues, then began the process of adding highlights, and outlines.
Lastly, I added some golds and oranges to accent the shape of the jellyfish. I added some highlights to the pumpkin stem in a taupe color and then sealed the pumpkin with 4 coats of varnish.
Here's the finished pumpkin along with the sketch.

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