Monday, November 07, 2016

Sea Creature Painted Pumpkins

Photo by Katie McRostie
I found this picture on Pinterest and was inspired to make such unusual and striking pumpkins. I loved the colors and the fact that they used sea creatures. I did a search and found the artist Kate McRostie's etsy store
I wanted to make my own, because I wanted to make a six or seven pumpkins.
At first, I thought about using real pumpkins, but decided that I didn't want to paint over a live pumpkin. Then, I thought about using an artificial carving pumpkin from the craft store. They come in orange, white, and even black. When I went shopping for them, I really didn't like the way they looked. They have a large seam down the side and I was put off. For a few days, I decided to scrap the idea, altogether, but then it came to me during a sleepless night, I'll make a paper mache pumpkin!
By the light of day, I had a better idea and decided to purchase paper mache pumpkins. As luck would have it, JoAnn Fabrics had them on sale for the Halloween season and I snatched up 7 of them.

I coated them all with a coat of gesso and then painted them all white. 
From there, I got to plan the sea creatures that I would add. It was nerve wracking and fun.
And here is the end result. I'll post more pics on Tuesday.


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