Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Lights at La Salette

One of my favorite places to see Christmas lights in New Hampshire is in Enfield, at La Salette Shrine. As a child, we would go in the coldest days in December and trudge around the grounds, up the hill, to see the lights that were larger than child size.
 As the years passed, the lights have become even more brilliant.
 No longer are visitors allowed to walk up to the lights on the hill, but instead, we can walk the grounds and into the chapel where there over 400 creches.
 The chapel holds nativity scenes from over 40 countries.
It's an awesome collection, like you would find in a museum, made of stone, fiber, ceramic, corn husk, fabric, glass, metal, and wood.
It was a cold night, around 18 degrees F, but it was gorgeous. My father and I spent an hour taking it all in.

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