Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids

We had our family get-together a week before Christmas and I wanted to do something fun for the little children in the family. We have 3 ages 4-9, so I made a simple Scavenger Hunt and printed out one for each child. (Just click, save to your computer and print it out.)
Our plan for the morning was to assign each child with an adult and take them Christmas shopping for gifts for their parents and siblings. We spent a few hours in snowy Littleton, NH.
Littleton, New Hampshire is a beautiful town in the northern part of the state. It has a great Main Street with fairly large sidewalks and lots of small businesses that make for great local shopping! 
Once we told the kids the plan - their budget, the rules, we distributed their large ziplock bags that contained their shopping budget, a pencil, and the scavenger hunt list.
They immediate thought of places to do their shopping, including the fabulous Chutter's Candy Store, the well stocked Little Village Toy and Book Store,  Nest for housewares, and  Lahout's Ski Shop. There are many more small shops peppering both sides of the street, so I thought we would be in great shape with the shoppers. Sure enough, we found everything we needed. The snow was falling rapidly and it was a classic Christmas shopping day.
The Scavenger Hunt worked well, as the kids were observant and on the lookout for the treats. They asked local shopkeepers and clerks for their help finding some of the items on the list. I was so impressed with the smiles from the clerks and how friendly they were to the children. It was a great experience for us.
Claudia found candy canes at the counter at Chutters
I asked each child to take a picture with 3 things on their list... Claudia loved it and wanted her picture with almost everything we found. And she was so cute, how could I resist?
She found a life size Gingerbread House at the window of Chutters
Village Books and Toys had a life size Santa in the window. 
Another gem from Village Books and Toys - a train!
And Claudia thought we should do a selfie for "smiles".
Isn't she adorable?

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