Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Wooden Christmas Masks

I found some blank wooden ornaments ready to decorate for Christmas and bought a few, then painted them with acrylics and had a fun photo prop for our family Christmas party. I originally intended them for the kids, but they were fun to play with for us adults.
I gessoed both sides of the mask. It was a thin wood and the gesso filled in any scratches, dents, or natural marks on the wood. Then, I painted a few layers of acrylic paint to create the basic face shapes.
I kept adding layers until the mask was all filled in, then I outlined the images with a thin black line. I wanted to add some texture, shading, and highlights, so I just did whatever felt right. The beauty in acrylic paint is that any mistakes can be painted over easily.
 Here was a little elf.
A Santa, Penguin, and Frosty...
And Rudolph.

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