Sunday, January 08, 2017


2017 and Blessings are plentiful.
Old Befana visited these little angels. In Italy, the witch, Befana, brings gifts in stockings to good little boys and girls on the eve of the Epiphany, January 5th, just like Santa does in the USA. There were smiles all around, excitement, and thrills.
This little angel was busy working on her artwork. Such a cutie pie.
 And this engineer in training was busy building his motor operated ferris wheel, a Christmas gift! Look at that thing go!
NH has been hit with snow, snow, and more snow. Our town gazebo looked rather dramatic against the white background.
One morning, Dad and I went to breakfast, and I stopped along the way to take photos of the ice encrusted on the pine trees. Beautiful nature.
A delicious grilled shrimp Po'Boy, the first one of 2017. It satisfied my craving.
I got my first round of tennis in 2017 in on Friday. What a fun group.
I made a list of goals for the year, some people call them resolutions. More tennis, more family,  more working out, more artwork, more writing, and more gratitude.
2017 is an exciting year for us. We have people celebrating new beginnings, goals and dreams for the year, family and friends to connect with, and lots to appreciate.

Many wishes for a fantastic New Year to all.

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