Monday, January 09, 2017

The Process of Working on A Series - Part 1

Anytime someone wants to learn a new technique, language, skill, etc, the best way to do this is to immerse themselves in that particular thing. Cooks do this by cooking the same dish repeatedly, athletes hit the same ball 10,000 times, and those learning the language do so by having to speak it constantly.
Artists do this in many ways, but one way in to work in a series. This means creating the same piece, or a very similar piece, over and over again. The goal isn't to copy the same piece time and time again, but to learn something new, pick up on a common trait, and coordinate the pieces to some degree. Some artists do create the same piece thousands of times (think woodworkers, doll makers, paper artists) but others create a group of similar artwork.
I decided that my first Series of 2017 will be lions. It's a broad topic, but one that interests me.
I started by researching lions, my only real knowledge was what I learned watching The Lion King with my daughters. I jotted down words, phrases, ideas after reading up on them.

Then I went to sketching, looking for very basic characteristics. I wanted to focus on the MANE, LONG NOSE, and TUFT in the tail.

I sketched another face to see if I could make the lion majestic and then hinted at a mane. 
And now, I will continue with more pencil sketches until I find a track that I like.

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