Sunday, February 12, 2017


This February week has been full of blessings.
While New England has been pummeled with ice and snow, and more in the forecast, the southern part of the country has been blessed with gorgeous sunshine.
I had four amazing tennis partners this week. We played 4 tough matches and had such great tennis. I was so lucky to have great teammates.
We're having a club championship and one of my friends volunteered to run the tournament. It is a thankless job and he said to me, "he'd be happy if he wasn't shot or sued by the end of it." So, I had a shirt made up for him to surprise him. I hope he likes it.
Strawberries are in season in Florida. This is such a weird concept for me to grasp. Fresh strawberries in February? I'm so used to going strawberry picking in June, that having delicious strawberries this time of year is such a treat! I bought half a flat for myself.
I tried SunBasket Meal Prep Delivery and was very impressed. They send organic food for you to prepare. The portions are all measured with clear instructions and recyclable packaging. I loved it.
I sent my nieces and nephew a Valentine's card. My youngest niece left a very excited message on my voicemail! It was the most adorable message. 
I went glass fusing this week and happily designed a few things. I love working with glass as a medium. It can be opaque, transparent, iridescent. Glass can be cut and layered, made to look abstract... so much to decide.

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