Sunday, February 19, 2017


Mid to late February has been FULL of blessings for me and my family.
 This little angel had a birthday!
 And so did this one!
 And this one! February is a huge birthday month for this hearty New Englanders.
 My brother, the ever-optimist, was outside shoveling snow, dreaming of warmer days You can tell, not because of the white stuff, but because he's wearing hiking boots, shorts, and no gloves.
 These brothers, my tennis friends, played a great match at our club. How blessed to be able to play tennis with your brother!
 King Henry's back and not sure he wants to be photographed. I am blessed to have him using our ledge for his dining room. Falcons are magnificent creatures, the fastest birds in the world.
 Jon didn't let the cold stop him from repairing our doorbell. Ring away again!
 Who doesn't love a Kat in a bag? Ashley's cat will follow her anywhere, even stow away if that's what it takes to be with her.
I learned a new glass technique this week. A man was working at the studio, spending hours breaking glass and them seemingly, piling it onto a sheet to be fused. I asked him about his process and he was so pleased to explain it to me. He was very generous with his instruction and I was grateful.
He's attempts to replicate the look of precious stone, so he combines varying types of glass (cathedral, reactive, copper laden) to force interactions. He helped me choose some glass to give it a try and I got to work. His process is very "masculine" in that he breaks glass and makes piles of it.
Meanwhile, I was busy doing "feminine" glass work by looking for precise details, flowers, fauna, and geometrics. I like the process and the bold colors of the glass fusing. I'm in awe of how the same supplies can produce such different results. 
A friend, from glass fusing, brought me some miniature citrus. She told me they were edible, good in my tea... Don't let the adorable looks fool you. They are tart as hell. I had a good laugh that day, once I could breathe again.
Jon surprised me with some flowers for Valentines' Day. They were delivered upside down, and still looked perfect.
My Wednesday tennis partner is back on the court, the first time since her surgery last year. We had a fun match together and I realized how much I missed her.
My Tuesday partner was on fire this week! It was awe inspiring to see her play so well.
My Mixed Partner was so strong and covered the court. It's such a blessing to play tennis so often, and even more of one to have such supportive, kind, and fun partners.

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