Monday, February 27, 2017

Glass Fusing: Red Shard Nightlight for My Girls

 I really loved this nightlight. I used an usual shape, rather than a rectangle, for this one. The top is just an wave. I filled the nightlight with some glass shards. I found this beautiful piece of glass with white, orange and red flows throughout it, so I cut it up and placed it on a clear base. I added some shards of colored glass - transparent orange and opaque red. I covered the entire nightlight in clear glass frit, medium sized chunks. I wanted the texture to show through after it was fused.
 Here's the fused and slumped piece. The texture of the frit came through, resulting in a pebbly appearance. This catches the light and moves it around the piece.
 Here it is, plugged in, with the bulb shining from behind.
And here's the unlit piece. I showed my daughters it and they loved it, so I sent it to them.

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