Thursday, February 09, 2017

Glass Fusing: Sunflower Night Light

I wanted to make a sunflower themed nightlight for someone special. Because I used glass, I had to figure out how to make the shapes for the petals and center in a way that was plausible. Glass has properties where it likes to cut apart in certain ways and I've found that the smaller and thinner the shape, the more difficult it is to cut accurately. I found some yellow glass, transparent and opaque and made a bunch of petals. I wanted to overlap the layers, thinking that when fused, it would look like a lush sunflower. Then, I went to work on the center which is usually filled with seeds. To achieve this effect, I used copper mesh and added some chopped glass on top of that layer.
 Here is is before fusing and slumping. You can see the cloudy part on top of the center. That is clear glass frit that I added in the hopes of a shiny gloss when fired.
 And here is the nightlight all fused and slumped. At this point, I did not attach the light fixture part to it. I like the way the white striped background adds some interest and the different colors and textures are so vibrant.
 Here is the nightlight, in tact, waiting to be activated.
And here's the illuminated night light. I like how the light bulb is just behind the center and the color seems to glow from within.

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