Sunday, April 30, 2017


"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." -Winston Churchill

What are the things we remember in life? As we age, our priorities change and I think we move towards emotional memories. We remember how we felt, how we were surprised or excited. We remember being in awe or being hurt. We may not remember why, but we remember moments. 
But, what role do we play in other people's memories? How we give is what people remember. What do we give of ourselves? 
Growing up, I had a great-aunt who I adored. As a matter of fact, most everyone I knew adored Aunt Jo. She was a giver. She was considerate, positive, and gentle. I remember how much I loved seeing her and spending time with her. Aunt Jo paid attention to me, a young child, and was interested in what I had to say, what I liked, and my happiness was important to her.
She would save maraschino cherry juice and place a few spoonfuls in a juice glass. She'd fill the glass with ginger ale and give me the beautiful pink cocktail. As a child, I felt like I was drinking something fit for a princess and Aunt Jo was the one treating my like royalty.
I remember telling her that I loved her, but I don't think that I ever told her how much she meant to me. She made me feel treasured and I loved her for it. She gave me something that was priceless, something that I will remember forever. She was a blessing in my life.

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