Thursday, April 06, 2017

Glass Fusing: Jimmy's Sushi Bar Dish

 One of our favorite restaurants is Jimmy's Sushi Bar. Jimmy's logo is a cute sushi chef and I knew I wanted to make it in fused glass. So, I set about making him a tray.
 First thing I did was sketch the image using colored pencils. This helped me figure out the colors I needed and become more familiar with the image. It took me a few classes as there were a lot of shapes to make. I found a beautiful piece of glass 12 x 15 to use for the background.
 I worked on the head first, then built the rest of the chef.
I thought the background was too plain, so I added some colored frit. Then, I worked on filling in the seams of the glass on the hat and shirt. I added more white pieces which I hoped would give the piece more depth.
And here is the piece fused. I was so pleased with the outcome. When it was done, I took it home, washed it off to remove all the kiln dust, then wrapped it. We brought it to Jimmy that night for dinner and he was thrilled.

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Bonnie B. says said...

That was certainly a project of many levels. Well done. Do you use a kiln or a furnace. I'm thinking kiln. Do you think you'd get one for your studio? I remember doing copper enameling when I was a teenager. It was glass pieces and glass powder on copper forms. I had the little kiln which got very, very hot and I sailed through a lot of copper and glass bits. Your projects probably need a bigger kiln because of the slumping part. Insurance may be an issue in this day and age.