Saturday, April 01, 2017

Glass Fusing: Napkin Holder

One of the challenges for me, with glass fusing, is the planning stage. Some objects require a bit of thought ahead of time... I wanted to make a glass napkin holder (which can be used to hold mail, papers, etc). But, to start it, I had to think about it from the perspective of the sheet of glass before it was fused and slumped.
Underneath the glass, you can see the mold. It is placed in the kiln standing up and the glass actually drapes and molds around either side of it. (Upside down).
So the challenge, is picturing the glass folded, keeping the glass to the size that will drape over the mold, but not touch the ground, and planning a design based on that...
And here is the finished result. I loved it. I used masculine colors and design and gave it to my dear father.

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