Sunday, April 02, 2017

Skincare Favorites

As I get older, I find that my skin changes. Whereas I used to be plagued with acne and overactive oil glands, I now have the added challenge of dry skin. Not in place of oily skin, but in addition. How does someone have to use acne products and anti-aging ones?
I have found that when I was younger, I needed a very light moisturizer, but now, my skin needs a richer moisturizer and even a series of layered skin care products. I find that companies change their formulas, discontinue products, and also, my skin seems to change over time. So, what works for me now, may not work for me in a few months or years. But, for now, I have found some very helpful products.
Boots No 7 Triple Action Serum can be found at Walgreens or Ulta, here in the USA. I use this product after washing my face, morning and night. I use a very small amount and gently work it into clean skin on my face and neck. I follow it with a moisturizer. At night, I add additional moisturizing layers and in the morning, I add sunscreen over the moisturizer. This product makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated. I think if I had used this when I was younger, I could use it in place of moisturizer, but not anymore.
 I use Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration for Face SPF 30 before every tennis match. I use it over my serum and moisturizer. I wash sunscreen off my face as soon I as get out of the sun, because I feel it on my skin. Hawaiian Tropic Silk is less heavy than most sunscreens, yet prevents any color from getting on my face.
Olay Regenerist Eye Swirl is a gentle eye cream that I use twice a day. The skin around my eye area is thinner and requires more hydration that the skin on my cheeks or forehead. The Olay Regenerist Eye Swirl is easily absorbed, light, and soothing.

Jergen's Wet Skin Moisturizer is a very interesting product that really impressed me. It's not like any other product, in that it's a very light moisturizer that you use inside the shower, after you shut off the water. You do not rinse it off, but rather, rub it into your legs and skin and let it dry on damp skin. It's light, yet moisturizing enough to prevent me from getting itchy, dry legs from shaving. I find that it doesn't make me feel greasy, just healthy. And I like the light scent.

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