Monday, July 24, 2017

Things I Am Curious About

Life has been super busy and challenging. Before I get back to posting, I thought I'd touch base with some things that I am interested in:

Wheatgrass- I've been drinking this at least three times a week.

Roasted Corn -Summer is a great time to enjoy fresh corn from the farm. Rather than steaming it, or boiling it, I've been oven roasting it. Try cutting it from the cob and adding toppings - vinegar, shallots, parmesan, salt and pepper.

Farro Recipes - I've been enjoying chilled farro, mainly from leftover farro recipes that I eat straight from the fridge. Here are a some form Bon Appetite.

Homemade Red Onion Pickles - these are great on everything from salads, to burgers, to fish, to steak

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