Wednesday, September 06, 2017


We've recently moved from our long time home in New England to our new home in Florida. It makes me happy and is what I've wanted for a long time, yet I felt some unexpected sadness that gave me reason to pause. It took me by surprise and affected me in ways that I wasn't prepared for.
I am grateful and energized by this chapter in my life, by new opportunities and daily chores, a hotter climate, sunshine, humidity, activities, and lots more people.
When I look back on my "previous life" I feel both pangs of awe - How can all that have happened already? Where did the time go? My daughters were born, raised, went off to college, graduated, and started their independent lives.  And pangs of uncertainty. Did we make the right decision to leave?
We were so happy in New Hampshire for so many years. We were close to family and we have so many memories.
These things weighed on my mind and caused me sleepless nights. I knew I was working through my thoughts and finally I was able to see my blessings. I have wonderful, truly blessed memories from our first home. I am grateful that we can make this move, that we enjoy our "new life", and I am embracing the challenges that our unfamiliar environment offers.
I am blessed. 


Robbie said...

Not sure where in Florida you moved to, but hoping you are safe or will be safe.

DannyB said...

Thank you, Robbie. We are doing very well.