Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Art: Acrylic Pouring -part 1

I started dabbling in acrylic pouring. It's a painting technique where the artist uses paint and the movement of paint, to create the appearance of texture.
Here is an example of acrylic pouring. I used no brush, but instead made the paint very loose and then combined it to create waves and texture.
In order to practice the technique, I gessoed some watercolor papers and let them dry. The gesso acts as primer and gives the paper some tooth and some stability.
I added acrylic paint, to some paint conditioner, and some water to create a very thin consistency.
I added some silicon drops to each color, so that the silicon would move the paint when it was on the canvas and combine colors and shapes.
Then, I added the conditioned paint to another cup. I didn't stir or combine the paint, but added drips and layers.
I let the paint sit in the cup for 20 minutes and then got ready to pour.

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