Thursday, October 26, 2017

Art: Acrylic Pouring -part 2

Blog Post Acrylic Pouring Part 1 can be found here.

Here are the results of the acrylic pouring technique. Yesterday's post showed how to achieve the acrylic pour. Here are the results. They are fluid, look like waves or water in motion, and have an unpredictable result. I can never guess what the outcome will be of a pour. I used all the same paints and colors in all 5 pours: Gold, yellow gold, blue, teal, white, and turquoise.
 The above pour is full of cells. It's what I was trying to achieve and is very interesting and unpredictable.
 Here is a pour where I tilted the canvas. The colors ran into each other and then I tilted it in other directions. It was fun and messy. The hardest part was knowing when to stop.
 Here is a combined tilt and cells.
 Here is another combined tilt and pour resulting in cells.
And here is a tilt that I dragged a stylus through to give an interesting look.

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