Sunday, October 15, 2017


I am blessed.
Life is full of ups and downs with hardships and joys popping up in the strangest of ways. I strive to see the blessings that are all around me, and yet sometimes, I struggle to see what is right before my eyes.
I have had many blessings these past weeks:
-Our life-long family physician made the decision to close her practice. She will be missed more than words can say. She was a genius in her field, found medicine to be her calling, and practiced a healthy  life. We are saddened by her news, but grateful for all she has done to assist, guide, and teach our family.
-One of my tennis partners returned from a six month hiatus. She was sorely missed and now that she is back, we are "getting our groove back".
-My Tuesday partner has been on fire lately. We've been partners for three years now and I am impressed with her positive attitude, great sportsmanship, and humor on the court.
-I have continued working with fused glass. I've run into some hurdles as I've been working with larger pieces that have cracked in the kiln. I've had 8 breaks and 3 successes on the same piece, but I haven't given up. I am grateful that the manager of the studio continues to try and remedy our predicament. I've learned a few valuable lessons from these issues and feel like I'm making progress as an artist.
-Speaking of being an artist, I have had a few challenges in the past few months that have taught me that being an artist is my calling and truly a gift. I am blessed to get so much satisfaction from doing art and blessed to feel such a sense of achievement through my work. Art is more than a passion of mine, it's in my thoughts all the time. I see miracles before me in nature, and try to recreate them in my artwork.
-I have been calling on my daughters during some stressful times, when I'm discouraged, or just when I want to share some of my thoughts. I have been blessed by them since they were born and continue to be blessed by them each and every day.
-I have been thinking about artwork for Advent and the Christmas season and am inspired by my new surroundings (Christmas at the beach this year!) and also by fantastic memories of Christmas past with my fabulous family. 

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