Monday, October 30, 2017

Tutorial: Altered Skulls for Halloween

I needed centerpieces for my Halloween party and wanting to keep within the fun theme, not gross or gory, I made some jeweled skulls. I got the idea from seeing pirates movies where treasure chests are filled with jewels, coins, as well as the occasional skeleton. It's unexpected and combines something as dreary as a dirty skeleton with shiny treasures.
I found these skulls at the Dollar Store. They are just bigger than a softball. They're creepy on their own - but not what I wanted, so I used my multi-surface black paint to start the transformation.
First, I washed all 5 skulls. There was dust, oil, and who knows what else, on them.  Then, I painted a coat of black onto the entire skull. All sides. It took just a few hours to dry and clean up was easy - just soap and water on the brush.
I had some black glass pebbles that I knew I wanted to incorporate, but because they are heavy, I needed to glue them into the eye recess. They looked great. Reminiscent of eyeballs, glossy, yet creepy. Perfect.
Then, I glued some rhinestones onto the skulls. I did it over only half the skull, as to make it interesting, so your eye will follow the sparkle, not be overwhelmed by the entire sparkly skull. 
I liked how it looked, but thought it needed more varied sizes.
Rather than purchase additional rhinestones, I had some dimensional paint that worked beautifully. I can adjust it to make any size jewels on the skull. I filled in areas and it gave it a little more sparkle and tied them all together.
Here's the finished skulls for my centerpieces. I am pleased with the results.

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